Architecture & Design


LEAD has worked on architectural projects in India and abroad. We have taken up architecture projects independently and in collaboration with reputed architects viz. Symbiosis, D’Signs, ANTZ, Urban Arts, Prasad Architects, D2B Architects, Fluid Grid and others.

Our team of experienced architectural engineers offers services to Gated communities, multistoried buildings, and commercial complexes, Residential buildings in India, Dubai and Qatar. Our portfolio of architectural services include,

Conceptual Design

  • Visit site and ascertain physical condition and existing services.
  • Study climatic conditions.
  • Coordinate with site survey and details.
  • Prepare concept design development, alternatives.

 Preliminary Design

  • Prepare all the drawings required for submission to obtain approvals from Authorities
  • Prepare preliminary design based on concept brief.
  • Modify the same based on client’s comments and utilities requirements, specialist agency requirements.
  • Freeze the project brief and design specifications.

 Preparation of Tender Drawings

  • Prepare detailed drawings for all areas.
  • Design details and specifications for civil and utility works.
  • Prepare tender drawings and documents for all works under our scope.
  • Evaluation of tenders, advice the client.

 Detailed Design

  • Issue drawings good for execution for all works in line with contract drawings.
  • Issue spot details
  • Provide periodical supervision.
  • Inspect sample works of contractors.
  • Issue quality control instruction until virtual completion of works.
  • Coordinate with specialist agencies during execution

 Post Construction stage

  • Prepare as built drawings for the works designed by the consultant.

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