BIM Services

BIM Services

LEAD offers end-to-end, high-value driven and quality conscious building information modeling (BIM) services to clients in India and UAE. LEAD offers Building Information Modeling (BIM) services for Architectural, Structural and MEP trades.

We bring the benefits of BIM to architects, construction companies, general & specialty contractors and facility managers. The benefits drawn are many and include delivery of BIM projects within limited budgets, shortage of qualified manpower and tight schedules.

Our portfolio of BIM services extends from conception to construction. At each stage of the project, we add discipline-specific data to the centrally shared model thereby delivering an Integrated BIM project.  Our BIM modelers have rich experience in handling projects in India & Abroad. This helps them to gain a deep understanding of technology and construction standards followed in different countries across the world.

Our virtual model of the construction/building helps engineers/project managers to visualize the building even before it is constructed. This helps us to reduce uncertainty, predict risks, improve safety and analyze potential impacts. 3D Modeling of each trade is done and coordinated to detect clashes. Our coordinated and integrated BIM model helps in achieving coordination between two or more services.

The shop drawings, fabrication drawings and spool drawings for each trade handed over to the project manager/fabricator. Another benefit offered, the bill of quantity and material type are easily extracted from the BM model. Also, our BIM teams handle all the Levels of Development (LOD, also known as Level of Detailing) of BIM. Our BIM experts offer the right support as per the needs of the clients across different sectors.


We help architects to leverage on our BIM capabilities and gain by saving on time and cost. With our support architects can focus on creative processes and conceptualize complex projects. We partner with architects during design development, construction documentation, presentation modeling, detailed site drawing, As-built modeling and BIM content development.

Structural Detailing Services:

LEAD’s BIM specialists have completed multiple structural detailing projects that include both commercial and industrial sectors in Middle East, North America, Europe and Africa. Our specialties include, steel detailing, precast panel detailing, and rebar detailing, steel shop drawings, construction documentation and structural 3D modeling. Our structural steel detailing BIM expertise include 3D modeling, rebar & precast detailing, shop drawings, construction documentation, and quantity survey & estimation. With the benefits of quick turn-around-times, top quality and cost-effectiveness, we are the first choice for drafting and modeling services.

Mechanical CAD Services:

LEAD specializes in prototype or modeling of building structure or machine part. We leverage on our competency in 2D drafting and 3D modeling services for manufacturing and mechanical parts or structures. Our BIM experts specialize in mechanical room modeling, isometric drawing, parametric modeling, mechanical 3D modeling, general assembly drawing, and mechanical shop drawing. We support manufacturers, engineers, fabricators and consultants to achieve high level of accuracy in assembly, casting, machining, and sheet metal drawings.

MEP Engineering:

Our BIM experts have proven expertise in mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) drafting and modeling services. Our MEP engineering services include  BIM, 3D modeling, shop drawings, fabrication drawings, HVAC duct and pipe modeling, markup detailing, builders work drawing, parametric modeling, plumbing modeling, 2D drafting, etc. We partner with clients of Industrial, Residential, Hospital, Educational and Commercial sectors to provide innovative and highly professional MEP/ HVAC drafting services.

Facade Engineering:

Facade engineering or Curtain wall design utilizes energy efficient glazing units, structural sealants and lighter & stronger materials like Aluminum, improving the overall performance of the building. We offer quality and cost effective facade engineering services to Architects, Building owners and Construction personnel. Our expertise includes, Aluminum Curtain Walling Systems, Aluminum Composite Metal Cladding, Metal Canopies, Spider Glazing, Doors, Windows and Skylights.

BIM Consulting:

Importantly, we help the traditional construction companies, general & specialty contractors to scale-up and achieve greater operational efficiency and quality through our rapid, robust and effective BIM migration services. With proven expertise in engineering, construction, fabrication and erection, we help clients to achieve quick BIM turnaround within minimum time and cost. We partner with our client business at every stage of BIM process viz. BIM implementation, training, audit, offshore service, planning, object library creation, integrated project delivery, and facility management

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