Mechanical Engineering


TEAM LEAD has more than two decades of experience in Mechanical Engineering discipline for industries like power/cement /others.

Our expertise includes,

  • Developing lay outs
  • Developing General Arrangements of different departments
  • Developing Material Handling Systems
  • Developing Flow Sheets
  • Detailed design and fabrication drawings for different types of pressure vessels, pressure and utilities like piping, Bulk storage silos/tanks using national and other codes like Euro, ASME etc.,
  • Selection of materials for construction

Developing and Detailing of Utilities like,

  • Venting system (De-dusting systems)
  • Piping for compressed air and circulating / process water system
  • Fabrication details of material conveying chutes with BOM.
  • Details of supporting systems for above.
  • Engineering for Retro-fitting and system improvement.
  • Preparation of Technical Specifications of various Bought outs and main machinery for cement plants as per system requirement like, Material conveying equipment (Belt conveyors, Bucket Elevators, Screw conveyors etc.) Control equipment like various gates, (slide gates, rod gates dampers, Rotary valves etc.). Connecting equipment like Expansion Joints, Bellows etc. Piping, Dust collection Equipment, and Fans (Process as well as Auxiliary systems)
  • Developing compressed Air and Circulating water/ Process water distribution based on system requirement and also developing required piping layouts including piping sizing.
  • Fabrication details of steel stacks with BOM for both guided and self supported type.
  • Vetting of all suppliers Engg. /Spec. / Drgs.


  • Review engineering for system design from Economical view
  • Review and Approval of Structural Analysis and Design Calculations
  • Review of Architectural Detailing & Drawings
  • Review of Fabrication Drawings


  • Coordination with Main Civil Sub Contractor
  • Supervision of Civil and Structural Work
  • Quality Control

Our Clients