Shop Drawings

Shop Drawings

Architects and designers need to do regular check-ups of the amount of material that sub-contractors on the project are proposing to make. Shop drawing services will make this task easier, as they are technical drawings of pre-fabricated components, such as elevators, pre-cast, and windows. At LEAD, we can provide with excellent shop drawing services for various projects.

We offer the following Shop Drawing Services

At LEAD, Our experienced detailers and engineers who has got full knowledge detailing software like TEKLA, CADS RC, AutoCad, Revit etc are well trained in the preparation of shop drawings and have been performing shop drawing services successfully for several years. We have experience in collaborating and communicating with sub-contractors, vendors and manufacturers to produce quality shop drawings. We guarantee the highest quality and will align with your sub-contractors preferences. We dedicate ourselves completely to earning our clients’ trust and respect, so you can be sure that you’re getting quality work every single time.

We offer the highest Quality of Bar Bending Schedules & Structural Steel Shop drawings

Benefits are visible as,

  • Professional drafters and engineers handling the projects
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Quality output with attention to client’s needs
  • 95% accuracy guaranteed

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